A quick search on Facebook and you can find just about anything, except the Willowick Police Department’s page.

The takedown started after a complaint was posted on the department’s page by Ashleigh Nichole Adkins.

She claimed that a specific officer was unprofessional and rude during a July 29 call for service.

Adkins posted: “My mom, my sister & I were driving down Vine St. by Sunoco & Wal-Mart yesterday and we saw a guy in the middle of the road with his foot on the brake overdosed at the green light.”

She claimed four Willowick officers responded and were standing around doing nothing, then they became aggressive toward her and her family; she even named one of the officers.

The post continues: “The cops who handled it were very rude and unprofessional and it was ridiculous that we got surrounded and treated like criminals…”

Chief Brian Turner said a few days later, the post was called to his attention.

After investigating, he posted the body camera video from the named officer.

He responded to Adkins complaint, saying the officer did nothing wrong: “He does not scream at anyone, and to portray this contact as rude, unprofessional and ridiculous is an outright lie.”

"Once this was posted, a lot of people saw it and apparently started making comments and attacking her,” Chief Turner said. “We never asked for and we never condoned that."

But Adkins took the alleged attacks to Facebook officials, resulting in the department’s page being removed within hours.

According to Facebook policy, they reserve the right to “remove content, disable accounts, and work with law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety.”

Chief Turner said he understands protecting individuals, but said he stands by his approach to the situation.

"It's frustrating because all I did was I went to the defense of one of my officers and I stand by that and I'd do it again tomorrow,” Chief Turner said.

The department is still Facebook-less and hopes the page is restored soon.