Florida’s mass exodus could soon mark one of the biggest evacuations in U.S. history.

It is also proving to be expensive.

Mike Gallagher grew up in Avon Lake, but has called Key West home for the past 12 years. When he and his wife, Jana, learned their island was at risk, they began pricing flights from Miami to Cleveland.

“Substantially higher than normal,” is how Gallagher described them. “I fly to Cleveland all the time.”

The couple found it was cheaper to fly to Jana’s family’s home in Prague than to Mike’s in Avon Lake, and so now, they are in Europe.

“I think it was $400 more to fly to Cleveland and for the prices you can fly to Cleveland, you can fly business class in Europe,” Gallagher said.

But now, the couple worries about what they could encounter when they return, particularly when it comes to bridges around the Keys.

They also miss their dog, now with a friend who drove to Atlanta.

“A 12-hour drive took him 24 hours,” Gallagher said.

The Cleveland Clinic has closed all Florida medical offices, keeping only its emergency department open, as convoys from the Red Cross and First energy begin making their way from Ohio towards Florida.