It's a beauty treatment that may make some people cringe.

The procedure involves sticking needles in the face to help reduce wrinkles.

Micro needling is gaining popularity, because those who use claim it works.

Sharon Knecht is using her own boy to improve her skin, that’s why she’s getting dozens of puncture hole into her face.

Knecht described the procedure as virtually painless as long as you have the numbing cream.

Doctor Gloria Roman performs the procedure at the Ohio Clinic for aesthetic and plastic surgery in Westlake.

Roman said she first learned about the procedure for herself.

"I had chicken pox, and I had scars. So for my own…so I could do it myself. I wanted to do something without really having to go through a laser."

The device used looks like a pen, however uses tiny needles to create micro holes in the skin.

The process stimulates the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and produce collagen and elastin.

Dr. Roman says it takes about six months to start seeing results.

A session costs approximately $185, and a series of three treatment sessions is recommended.