If you've come across the recent video showing a dramatic water rescue in Texas, there's another video you may want to watch next.

The video, titled "Learn Hands-Only CPR from the American Red Cross," is available on the American Red Cross' Youtube page. It's a video that is focused on how to perform a the hands-only CPR technique in emergency situations.

"Just knowing that can save a life," said Mary Williams, the regional spokeswoman with the American Red Cross chapters of Summit, Portage and Medina counties, said

The video of the water rescue shows a group of Good Samaritans helping to free a family trapped in a flipped truck, surrounded by rushing water. A father and two young children were freed from the vehicle, including an infant who appeared limp in the arms of a man. A man begins CPR on the child and a woman started to pray. The two young children are recovering, according to WFAA-TV.

The video has gained national attention, something that Williams said she hopes will shed light on the importance of learning CPR and even simply watching a demonstration of the hands-only technique.

"While we want you to take the class and be certified, and know more about first-aid and how to perform CPR, if you just learn that, you are so much farther up the line."

And while there’s a lot to learn, Williams says the classes and instructions are presented in a simple format to help when you need it the most.

"It’s all boiled down to easy and manageable steps, that when you’re in a crisis situation, it’s easy to pull up."

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