Two weeks ago, John and Megan Zippay learned their 3-year-old boy, John Oliver, J.O., has leukemia.

On Monday morning, Spider Man paid a visit to his room at UH's Seidman Cancer Center. In the afternoon, he got a visit from Superman and Wonder Woman.

Superman is Andy Simon, who just battled the deadliest form of brain cancer and won thanks to an experimental treatment being tested at UH. He and his wife Amy, Wonder Woman, wanted to pay back their good fortune by bringing smiles to those dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

"If I can bring a smile to somebody's face that's going through something similar, then it's worth it to put the suit back on," Simon says.

His wife adds, "It was fun and it was inspirational to others that there is hope because it's very scary."

J.O. is used to having heroes around. His father, John is a police officer for South Russell in Geauga County. His fellow officers are the real heroes.

"They're all doing "No Shave November" for John Oliver, it's an awesome thing to do they all paid $50 to participate," Zippay said.

They also started a Go Fund Me page to help the family's medical expenses. (Click on Go Fund Me to donate) But heroes rarely work alone.

"I got a notice from Chardon police that they are involved, Russell Township, Hunting Valley, Chesterland, Gates Mills and other area departments, even fire departments," Zippay said.