Late last year Melissa Redderson took her 9-year-old-daughter, Ashley, to Saint Vincent Charity Medical Center in Solon after the girl fell.

They were worried that she might have fractured her shoulder and claim their problems only got worse.

“The doctor said she would not see my child due to her genetic conditions,” Redderson said. She didn’t even touch my child…and all we need is an X-ray.”

The young girl has a rare genetic condition, which her mother said, was not a problem at University Hospitals’ Ahuja campus, where the family went next.

“They immediately sent her for X-ray, no problems, no questions asked,” Redderson said.

Doctors there ultimately determined the girl had a muscle sprain and no broken bones.

The mother said she would have chalked it up to a bad experience, since she claims St. Vincent’s assured her she would not get a bill.

But then a $50 co-pay charge arrived in the mail for the visit, along with another $25 for the so-called consult with the physician.

“And we were still billed when there was no actual medical services that we received. So it’s a point of principle for me. I don’t think we should have to pay,” Redderson said.

For the past few months, she has made several phone calls and also wrote a letter. The situation has since ended up in collection.

A spokesperson for St. Vincent’s told WKYC Channel 3 News Friday that they are working to resolve the matter and confident they can.

A full statement can be read here:

We are aware the family contacted our St. Vincent Charity Medical Center patient representative with concerns regarding a bill. The patient representative was already in the process of resolving this matter on behalf of the family. Providing the highest quality care to our patients and families remains at the center of our mission as a faith-based hospital. We are confident that we will resolve the concerns that have been raised in a timely manner for the family. However, federal HIPAA regulations prevent us from discussing any further specifics of this situation.