LAKE COUNTY -- The Perry Nuclear Water Plant is monitoring the water after it found a leak containing a radio active ingredient Monday afternoon.

A spokesperson for the plant says a catch basin captured the contaminated water before it spread to Lake Erie.

The plant wants to stress that the public is not in any danger.

They say they are working to stop the leak and will continue to monitor the water as a precaution.

Homeowners like Pauline Bowles say they're not worried.

Bowles has lived in Perry for 82 and a half years.

She can see the power plant from her backyard but it's never been a concern, even with the most recent leak.

"I don't worry about it. I worry about the traffic on the highway," said Bowles.

Bowles says she had no idea there was a leak Monday afternoon because the plant continued to operate.

First Energy says a piping system leaked a radioactive product called tritium -- it's a chemical found in some watch faces and illuminated signs.

"It's a weak radio nuclei, a less dangerous one because of its weakness, but it can present a challenge if ingested at great levels," said Jennifer Young, of First Energy.

Samples taken in a drainage system under the building discovered levels of tritium more than double what's allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

First Energy alerted the Emergency Planning Zone in Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula Counties.

"There is no cause for public concern or any additional actions from the public surrounding the plant. There is no indication that any drinking water or ground wells off the plant boundaries have been impacted," said Young.

This is the second leak since June 2013 when maintenance workers shut the plant down to repair a contained leak of radioactive steam.

Pauline says she wasn't concerned then and she's not concerned now.

"I didn't hear anything and I saw the vapor coming out of the stacks so I didn't think anything ever happened," said Bowles.

Because the leak was contained, it's not considered a serious threat.

However, if any contamination is found in the next few days, then an emergency plan will be activated.