Have you been fighting the fact that you now need reading glasses?

Losing near-vision is a common byproduct of aging and usually begins after 40 but now there's a new implant available, making reading glasses a thing of the past for some.

Chris Huerner is a firefighter and over the years, he noticed it was getting more difficult to read things up close.

He could barely read an email at arms length, even on a large cell phone.

So Chris became the first patient at Clear Choice Custom Lasik to undergo the brand-new Raindrop procedure. It's a corneal inlay that will free him of his reading glasses.

Dr. Bill Wiley first makes a cut on Chris' eye to make space for the implant. Under a second laser, he then implants the Raindrop, which is about half the width of a human hair.

The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes.

Dr. Wiley says if needed, they have the luxury of going in and removing the implant, making the procedure reversable.

Corneal inlays came out a year ago to help with presbyopia. A month ago, the second generation came out. The Raindrop may help patients who weren't candidates for the first.

The implant should last a lifetime but may need to be re-evaluated if the patient develops cataracts.