For Families that travel,this is scary.

One child dead and six others found unconscious around a hotel pool, after what  looks to be a  horrible case of Carbon monoxide poisoning.

The incident occurred just over the Indiana border in Niles, Michigan,not far from South Bend.

The hospitals taking care of the patients say everyone's conditions have all improved today.

Another three kids and a police officer are out of the hospital tonight.

First responders in say the rescue effort at the hotel, was riskier than usual.

"When we first went in, we went in with our monitors. The monitors went off and the time it would've taken us to go back out and get airpacks suited to come back in we can grab the patients and start pulling them out as we leave, so all the responders took a little but more risk, but we had to get those kids out of there and into fresh air fro their best chance of survival," said Captain Don Wise of the Niles City Fire Department. 

The carbon monoxide levels near the pool were 16 times the safe limit.

It is still not clear what started the leak.