It's a disease that is often misdiagnosed. But it's treatable and curable with the correct diagnosis.
This week marks Spinal CSF Leaks Awareness week.

Thursday night, the Terminal Tower lit up in purple, as a group from the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation gathered on Public Square.

Kristi McCannon is among those who suffers from the condition. She says when fluid that bathes her spinal column escapes, an “upright headache”, that is, a headache that is worse when upright, improved lying flat, or a headache that gets worse as the day goes on.

Most of the time, this is mistaken as a migraine headache, or is attributed to another cause. McCannon says it can be cured with a simple blood patch.

The leaks can occur from a number of different reasons, including after pregnancy for those who had an epidural, or after even trauma like a car accident.

To find out more about the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation, visit their website.