CLEVELAND -- What does a migraine feel like to someone who has never suffered one?

Imagine a slow freight train in your brain. The pounding intensifies, light and sound become excruciating.

You become nauseous and debilitated until it decides to pass.

That's what life was like for nurse Lynn Urbanic and Pediatric Cardiologist Doctor John Clark.

"I've had migraines my entire life 2 to 3 times per week," Dr. Clark told WKYC's Monica Robins.

He would use Excedrin to combat his headaches.

Dr. Clark says he couldn't function without it, but soon had to because the drug was pulled off the market.

"That was a crisis time for me," said Dr. Clark. "At that time I was wandering around the city at every shop and grocery store and stockpiling the Excedrin to try and get through this."

Urbanic suffered rebound headaches caused by her medication. Then a doctor told her to start taking Vitamin B-2 and Omega 3 fish oil.

"Within 2 weeks, my daily headaches were gone," said Urbanic.

Lynn's good results convinced Dr. Clark, who is not a big believer in nutritional supplements, to give it a try.

"It was phenomenal it was really hard to believe cause I didn't feel any different I just quit getting migraines," said Dr. Clark.

Urbanic and Dr. Clark had such great success, the health professional duo decided to combine the two supplements into one pill. Along came Migraine Proof, the business they started to help migraine sufferers with a natural remedy.

"Nothing is going to help everybody, but it's so simple. It's all natural," said Urbanic. "And if it helps, it seems to help dramatically or not at all."

Clinical studies have shown Vitamin B2 and Omega-3 can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines and headaches.

Migraine Proof isn't available in stores yet, but Urbanic and Dr. Clark hope that will take place this fall.

You should first consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplement.

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