AKRON -- The Ebola outbreak is raising concerns for universities as they get ready to welcome international students back to campus. The University of Akron is working with the Summit County Health Department and following CDC guidelines.

Temi Tope is originally from Lagos, Nigera; the heart of the Ebola outbreak. He is worried about his loved ones, he talked to his sister on the phone this morning.

"Everybody is scared," he said. "Their kids can't go to school because of the fear of the spread of the disease."

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Nina Johnson is also from Nigeria about eight hours from the infected area.

"There are more people per square mile than other places so it's easier for it to spread there than where I come from," said Nina.

Nina and Temi have been in the U.S. all summer, but for the students who travel directly from an infected area, the university is having them fill out a questionnaire to see if they've been exposed to Ebola.

They're also given disposable thermometers and a list of flu like symptoms such as fever, headache, vomiting and diarrhea.

"Twenty-one days after they've left their country, which is the incubation period, they will then come back to us and we will clear them," said Director of Health Services Alma Olson.

Besides physical care, the university is also providing emotional support and the opportunity to video conference with family.

"It doesn't make the situation go away, obviously, but it does give the student a sense of comfort to know they've been able to connect," said Holly Harris Bane, Director of International Programs.

Students say they are grateful for the support during such a dangerous time.

"It's a really terrible situation right now, very terrible," said Temi.

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