Lorain -- Valor Home Lorain County is scheduled to open this summer.

The non-profit provides transitional housing for homeless veterans as well as programs to help them adjust to life back home.

"It could be post-traumatic stress disorder, it could be drugs, it could be alcohol, mental health issues, physical issues, the economy, any or all of those combinations," explains Army Veteran and Valor Home Vice-Chairman, Daniel P. Gillotti.

Volunteers and contractors are renovating an old medical office building on West 21st Street in Lorain to house about 30 veterans.

"It's going to teach them how to basically integrate themselves back into society and become productive members," says Marine Veteran and Valor Home Chairman, Samuel Felton, Jr.

It's been a more than 40 month journey with setbacks because of flooding and other funding issues but everything is back on track.

If you would like to donate or learn more about Valor Home Lorain County, contact Sam Felton at: 216-469-0218, or Don Attie at: 440-320-3781.