Thanksgiving comes with plenty of stress, such as long hours of cooking and the pressure to be on time.

But this year could be a doozy, thanks to a sour helping of politics after this year’s anxiety-provoking presidential race.

Colleen Harding of the Cleveland School of Etiquette weighed in Wednesday, suggesting posting a “no politics today” sign on your table if necessary.

“To say ‘you know what? I would just rather not go there,’” she said. “’I’d rather not go there. I care very much for you.’”

And if a guest doesn’t comply, she said they will be messing with their invitation next year.

Topics she suggests include “the weather, sports, any sales coming up for Black Friday” as a recipe to help avoid a dinnertime disaster.

Actors from the "Angry Ladies of Improv" troupe helped demonstrate some of the do's and dont's. They can be seen Sundays at 5PM at Coffee Phix in South Euclid.