CLEVELAND -- The city of Cleveland has asked a federal court judge to dismiss lawsuits against the city, police supervisors, and five police officers regarding excessive force claims filed by the families of police chase shooting victims Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

The city argues it did nothing wrong in the deadly chase from November 2012 because it has good policies in place.

The city wants the lawsuit against five non-shooting officers and supervisors dismissed, insisting their conduct didn't rise to the level of excessive force.

The city is denying allegations in the lawsuit involving the 13 officers accused of firing 137 shots at Russell and Williamsl.

To date the city has paid $65,510.20 in legal fees to Roetzel & Andress, LPA who is representing the city in this case.

A grand jury is nearing completion of its investigation into the chase and shooting.

Attorney Paul Cristallo, who is representing the Russell family, anticipated the city would file a motion to dismiss.

"We anticipated these motions in some respects and at this point we're looking forward to filing opposition motions to them," said Cristallo.

While legal battle continues, Cristallo is also anticipating this case will eventually set into motion a lot of changes in the city of Cleveland.

"I think it has a lot of implications for the city and police going forward. This certainly could be a case that goes on for a long time, especially if there's an appeal, but we're hopeful that we're able to get justice."