Monday's deadly house fire that claimed seven lives on Fultz Street in Akron, is the second one to take place in the neighborhood in about a year.

The first one happened not even a block away, and the neighborhood is still recovering from that arson fire which remains unsolved.

On Monday morning around midnight, Fultz Street resident and Marine Corps veteran Ian Ernie says he heard gunfire. "I heard pop-pop-pop-pop-pop and called it in," he told The Investigator Tom Meyer.

Ernie has no idea if what he heard is at all connected to the deadly fire. Police are only saying that arson is suspected. Investigators say that arson was the cause of last year's fire that killed two.

Geraldine Lewis lost two family members, her brother, and his wife, in last year's fire. And the arsonist is still on the loose.

"That don't sit well," she says. "We want to know what happened and I'm sure THIS FAMILY wants to know what happened."

Last year's fire and the one that happened on Monday are eerily similar. Both happened in the early morning hours while people were sleeping. One was arson, the other - suspected arson.

Police in Monday's fire brought in the arson dog to search for clues. Investigators tell us that Monday's fire began in the front area of the house, which further angers those who are grieving the loss of loved ones.

"You don't care about anyone," says Lewis. "You start a fire on someone's front porch to keep them from getting out. You're going to hell."

Coincidentally, there was another another fire on Monday morning around 5:30 a.m. about 10 minutes from the Fultz Street fire. Cause of that fire? Arson.