A Portage County sheriff’s major opted to retire after two female workers alleged he stalked them and made repeated sexually-charged comments.

Major Dennis Missimi doesn’t mention the on-going investigation when he delivered his resignation letter last month.

He talks only of spending more time with his grandchildren and playing golf.

The sordid allegations, however, are contained in a 33-page investigation released to Channel 3 News.

The two women alleged Missimi, 62, regularly made sexually-suggestive comments about their appearance and offered comments about his own sexual prowess.

In one case, a court worker told one accuser that Missimi’s actions qualified her for a stalking protection order.

The woman declined, but subsequently resigned “due to unresolved issues involving Major Missimi,” the sheriff’s internal investigation noted.

The woman's resignation sparked the internal investigation on May 16.

The investigation included another female worker’s complaints of misconduct by Missimi that first came to the department’s attention in December.

The woman told investigators that Missimi made comments “towards the clothes she was wearing, how attractive she looked and how much [Missimi] was attracted to her.”

The woman initially told investigators that she only wanted the behavior to stop, which she said Missimi refused to do.

Missimi has not responded to repeated requests for comment.

The women told investigators that Missimi, who is married, talked about private parts, both his and theirs. He boasted about his Italian heritage and being able to have two women at the same time. He would also tell them when his wife was out of town with the hope of meeting for a romantic encounter.

One of the women called Missimi’s conduct “creepy.” Each woman added that Missimi would try to contact them outside the office, showing up unexpectedly at different events or locations.

By May 22, as the investigation was continuing, Missimi was cleaning out his office and submitting his resignation.

Sheriff David Doak acknowledged that he had heard of allegations of misconduct against Missimi prior to hiring him eight years ago as his administrative major.

Missimi had worked as a Ravenna police officer, and in management positions in the city of Kent, the PARTA bus service and the former Robinson Memorial Hospital.

Doak said neither woman was ever touched and that Missimi’s conduct did not rise to the level of criminal prosecution.