CLEVELAND -- The Cuyahoga Scam Squad is warning that scammers are using online sale sites to try and get your money.

“Whenever there are online deals and we are talking about great deals, blockbuster deals there is always going to be scammers ready willing and able to scam you out of your money,” said Det. Phil Robinson with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff Office.

You can call them a digital yardsale sites. Apps and websites, like and let you buy and sell items locally.

While your neighbors may be using it to sell cars, toys and jewelry, scammers are logging on to try and get your money.

Detective Phil Robinson says the biggest indicator that it is scam is if the seller tries to get you out of the app. They may say It's easier just to text about payments and pickup-- but what they really want to do is make sure there is no record of your conversations.

If you have been scammed by someone on one of these Web sites, you should contact the Cuyahoga County Scam Squad at 216-443-SCAM.