Scammers are going after seniors trying to sell medical equipment they claim will be covered under Medicare. The problem is medicare generally only pays for medical equipment if it's ordered by a doctor and so seniors are getting stuck with the bill.

“People should know they shouldn't take medical advice from an advertisement or a sales person instead they should go to their own doctor who knows best the medical equipment they need,” said Tom Gaumer with ProSeniors.

To fight medical equipment scams:
Don't take medical advice from advertisers and salespeople. Ads are meant to get people to buy equipment. But sellers don't know your medical situation.
Don't bite if someone calls to offer you "free" medical equipment. That's often how scammers get victims to order equipment.
Know that Medicare workers don't go door-to-door or call you to prod you to buy equipment.
Always consult your doctor about treatments that are right for you before you buy any medical equipment.
Always check Medicare statements to make sure you account isn't being used to bill for never-delivered equipment.
You can find out what's covered by calling the number on the bottom of your screen - the Ohio Department of Insurance's hotline at 1-800-686-15-78.