About 95 percent of the students in Riverside Schools take the bus to school this year, compliments of a voter approved levy in May.

But one month into the new school year, the district is still working out some transportation kinks.

As explained to us by 9-year-old Drew Koestner who takes the bus every day to and from 4th grade at Hale Road Elementary.

"We're on the wrong bus. The bus goes down a different street. It used to come down at least my street. Now it's coming from a different street again, so it’s just very confusing," says Koestner.

Drew was an hour and a half late getting home on the first day of school.

His dad Mark chalked it up to the new busses getting more students to school this year.

But that was August 23rd. Tuesday, Sept 26th Drew was dropped off yet again at the wrong place.

Drew, told Channel 3 he’s concerned about his kindergartner friend down the street.

“Luckily she has a brother in second grade. But what if he's not there? Is she going to be able to figure out the neighborhood? Now, she's smart, but I don't know," said Drew.

His dad Mark Koestner, with the same adult spin.

“What is a safety concern for me is my child getting dropped off at different places every day. A different bus driver. A different bus number."

Riverside Schools Director of Operations, James Haffa says they are hiring more bus drivers and that the kinks are being worked out.

"The first couple weeks are always ironing out kinks and problems and issues especially when you bring back that much transportation,” said Haffa.

Both Drew and Mark agree.

Drew is getting home quicker each day and “Four of the last five days he has been dropped off in the same place”.

Since the levy passed in May, in the Riverside School District of about 4,100 students, they have doubled the number of students who get to take busses to school and that certainly makes a lot of parents happy.