President Trump met with 20 small and medium-sized business leaders at the White House Wednesday as part of "Made in America Week," an effort by the administration to celebrate and showcase companies whose products are made in the United States.

One of the business owners invited was Hudson's own Matt Kaulig, CEO of LeafFliter Gutter Protection. He was joined by Tim Clepper, President of Kaulig Capital LLC. Kaulig himself got a chance to speak directly to President Trump about his business.

Kaulig and Clepper provided Channel 3 News with updates of their big visit throughout the day.

A White House spokesman says members of the administration, including the president himself, would "engage with entrepreneurs and workers at the front lines of Made in America, and learn how the Administration can better help them succeed in an effort to protect American manufacturing integrity."

Besides the president, Vice President Mike Pence was in attendance, along with Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta and members of the U.S. House of Representatives.