A local daycare center is still open for business today, even though the daycare owner was arrested this week on two dozen counts of child endangerment.

Channel 3 wanted to find out more, and we discovered that this daycare has a history of serious violations.

Although the blinds are closed at First Class Preschool and Child Care Center in Northfield, they are still open for business.

A woman who answered the door, however, had no further comment about the charges against the daycare's owner, Dana Gruszka.

Neither were we able to find out whether Gruszka was working at the daycare center today.

Monday, Gruszka was arrested on 24 charges of child endangerment and obstructing official business.

Police and a concerned mother also suspected Gruszka was drunk.

Since the daycare wouldn't give Channel 3 any answers, we decided to take a closer look.

And what we found was quite surprising.

In the past year alone, inspectors have found First Class Child Care in violation of several codes.

Let's start at the beginning.

Back in September of 2012, another First Class employee was found to be under the influence of a substance.

And in 2013, we discovered several other violations-- including problems with criminal background checks.

They were either incomplete, and in some cases, the center had actually hired people with previous convictions which should have prevented them from working at any daycare.

Other violations included improper supervision and an administrator who provided false information.

In each case, the daycare center is allowed to address all these violations and become compliant.

Even so, we went to the Summit County Department of Job and Family Services to find out how and why First Class was allowed to stay open.

And we found out we'd have to go to Columbus for answers.

Pat Divoky with Summit County D.J.F.S. told us, "the state of Ohio Job and Family Services licenses daycare centers, that is not something that's done at a local level."

Phone calls to the Columbus office were not returned before our deadline.

Meanwhile, Gruszka has entered not guilty pleas to all 25 counts.

She'll be back in court January 24, 2014, for a pre-trial hearing.

If you'd like to read these violations for yourself, or if you'd like to check out your child's daycare, we've provided the link here