Max was born with growth plates in his head that fused together too early.

Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Dr. Violette Recinos explains the condition called Craniosynostosis.

"The brain is continuing to grow, but the skull cannot grow in the appropriate way to allow for that brain growth," said Recinos.

Surgery corrected the fused skull plates - opening room for growth. Now, the sky's the limit for Max - especially with his custom aviator helmet that helps his skull grow and from correctly.

When his parents found out that he would be wearing corrective helmets for a year - they decided to OWN IT!

"Let's make sure that he looks awesome," said his mother, Christina McClellan.

She sought out to do just that and found local artist Jan Saunders.

"When that person has to wear the art all the time, you better make it special," said Saunders.

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