Akron Police have charged James Taylor, 66, with domestic violence, menacing and animal cruelty and booked him into the Summit County Jail.

Akron Police say that between midnight and 1 a.m. yesterday, an Akron woman, 95, was threatened by her son, James Taylor.

She told police that he came home intoxicated and was helped to his bedroom by her grandson.

Several minutes later, Taylor came out of his bedroom after seeing that the women's dog had urinated on the floor.

That's when he grabbed the dog off of the women's lap and went back into his bedroom with the dog, police said.

While in the bedroom, the son is alleged to have snapped the dog’s neck and then placed the dog in the dog’s bed.

The dog was found dead that morning by the grandson and police say Taylor then threatened to snap his mother's neck.

When police arrived, they took James Taylor into custody.