AKRON -- An off-duty Akron Police officer shot an armed man who refused to give up his gun.

The shooting happened around 10:00 p.m. on Saturday in the area of Kelley's Drive-Thru on Copley Rd.

The uniformed officer arrived for a shift at his secondary job as a police guard for the store, when he heard shots fired nearby.

As the officer investigated, he confronted 22-year-old Timothy Proctor. When Proctor refused to surrender his gun, the officer fired his weapon hitting the suspect.

Proctor was taken to an area hospital, but his injuries are considered non-life threatening. Once he is released, he will be booked into the Summit County Jail and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and weapon under disability.

The Akron Police Department's Crimes Against Persons Unit along with the Summit County Prosecutor's Office will investigate the shooting to determine if any laws were broken. An internal investigation by the Office of Professional Standards and Accountability will determine whether all department procedures were followed.