AKRON, Ohio -- Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan held a brief news conference early Wednesday afternoon regarding the abrupt resignation of Police Chief James Nice.

City officials released the following statement:

Evidence of conduct unbecoming of an officer, inappropriate contact with a city employee and potential criminal misconduct led him [Mayor Horrigan] to make this immediate decision. The City will be referring any and all information regarding potential criminal conduct to the County Prosecutor.

Mayor Horrigan states, “These actions violate the mission, vision and values of the Akron Police Department and the City of Akron and they will not be tolerated. All of us who serve the public must hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. It is clear to me, that in this instance, Jim Nice’s conduct violated that standard, and he lost his ability to lead the department. I will not let anyone impugn the integrity and confidence of our City organization, and I will fiercely uphold that standard as long as I am Mayor of this City.”

Mayor added, “What is also clear to me, is that the men and women of the Akron Police Department acted appropriately and swiftly upon receiving information of misconduct. At every step of the way, investigators put what was right above all else. I have full faith and confidence in the department going forward.”

Nice submitted his resignation Sunday at Mayor Horrigan's request. He was police chief since 2011 after spending more than 25 years with the FBI.

Kenneth Ball has been appointed as the provisional chief of police.

On Monday afternoon, WKYC Channel 3's Amani Abraham spoke to Michael Callahan, the attorney representing former Chief Nice.

"He certainly regrets inappropriate comments or behavior, either insinuated or otherwise, but he categorically denies any criminal conduct whatsoever, and I can assure you that I will aggressively defend."

"I think [Nice] would say there were decisions he made that he wishes he hadn't," said Callahan.

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