Donald Trump is now edging out Hillary Clinton in Ohio according to multiple polls.

According to the latest four-way poll from Real Clear Politics, Trump leads with 42.5 percent of Ohio voters. Clinton is just behind with 40.8 percent. The Libertarian and Green Party candidates each have less than 10 percent of the vote.

We were there Saturday as Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd at the University of Akron. He’s in town campaigning on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

He says voters in Ohio need to support Clinton and stop Trump. He touched on issues like rebuilding infrastructure, stopping billionaires from what he calls “buying” elections, closing the gender wage gap and raising the minimum wage.

We talked with students who say his message resonated with them and they want other young people to cast their vote.

“Even on my own campus, I’ve met a lot of people that tell me that they’re not going to vote or they’re going to write in some silly name, because they can’t trust either of the candidates which I think is ridiculous. I think truly this is one of the most important and historical elections in our country, ever,” said Theoni Kasamias, a Youngstown State University student.

“The poor and the people that have lead poisoning, or the people who don’t have health care, or the people in debt. They’re the ones who need our help,” said student and Sanders supporter Evelyn Koch.

After the University of Akron, Sanders also stopped at Kent State University. Also appearing in Northeast Ohio in support of Clinton is U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren. She’ll be in Cleveland on Sunday morning.