You’re likely to see dozens of American flags during the fourth of July holiday, but one man in Akron is offering a different look at one of the most recognized symbols in the U.S.

Lined up along the driveway on Goodhue Drive in West Akron, a string of American flags set up for the 4th of July. But just a few feet to the right, a display highlighting the evolution of the American flag.

“This collection traces the evolution of the American Flag from our colonial ancestry all the way up to 1818 when the first flag code was enacted by congress,” said Ball.

Akron native Jim Ball, who now lives in Florida, is visiting family for the holiday. He brought with him a piece of his American flag collection, bringing a virtual history lesson back home.

"You couldn’t let the fourth pass without displaying the flags."

Ball said it started about 20 years ago, filled with research and studying the flags’ origins.

His collection includes dozens more, but he picked out a few to showcase to family – and even those taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

“It’s gratifying to know that people take an interest in it. That’s the whole purpose.”

For Ball, the goal is to educate both the young and old, launching a discussion on American history.

“It means a lot that we cherish our history and pass it along to the next generation.”