Downtown Akron was once a vibrant, busy place and small business grants available to entrepreneurs today have made conditions here ready to pop!
You might say things are popping, and you'd be right. Small businesses called 'pop-up' shops are flourishing all over downtown.
"It's been fantastic. It's great to see vibrancy and exuberance and people on the streets," says Gregg Mervis, president of the Akron Summit Convention and Visitors Bureau.  
Things are really popping at Sweet Mary's Bakery. They utilized the first wave of pop up grants when they opened a few years ago. "That was really helpful to help subsidize out rent for the first few months, especially in the food industry, getting going and getting your name out there," says Mary Hospodarsky of Sweet Mary's.
Rodney Dennis just opened Levels Barber Studio about a month ago with a pop up grant. Downtown Akron Partnership helped with his location on Mill St.
All holding potential customers, some of which may bring their business downtown.
If you are interested in a pop-up grant, contact the Downtown Akron Partnership and they can walk you through the application process.