AKRON -- Downtown Akron is seeing some much needed growth.

The development is helping to expand business and create new jobs.

It's good new for businesses like The Peanut Shoppe, which has been a staple in downtown Akron since the 1930s.

It still uses its original gas-powered roasters and old-fashioned scales.

"It's nice to see these people and know that their memories of coming in here at 4 and 5 and 6 years old, and they're still shopping here. It's nice to know we've had that kind of effect," said Nancy Lynn, whose family has owned the store for decades.

Like a lot of businesses, The Peanut Shoppe depends on the growing development to attract new customers.

In recent months, construction started on the first hotel since 1980.

"We think activity breeds activity. To build this east side to pull the west, the middle downtown and the east side together -- I think this is huge for Akron," said Carol Smith from Welty Construction.

Downtown housing is booming near Akron University.

The Depot at Akron will open its doors this fall to thousands of students.

The city is also investing $16 million to improve Cascade Plaza to keep FirstMerit headquarters downtown and create 150 new jobs.

And the $200 million expansion of Akron Children's Hospital is expected to attract even more jobs -- from construction to health care.

"Making this type of investment in pediatric health care really is rewarding to everyone involved and to our community. It brings the very best of our town to the forefront," said President and CEO Bill Considine.

All the development is a welcomed sight to businesses like The Peanut Shoppe.

"People actually have to make a special trip to come here and that makes us feel good too," said Lynn.