Two young girls injured in a house fire on Akron's Seward Avenue late Thursday night have died.

Family members continue to visit the house, leaving a memorial of balloons and flowers for the girls.

They are 12-year-old Jada Snowden and 5-year-old Kymera Cody.

The sisters were rescued from bed as the fire burned in their home.

They were taken to Akron Children’s Hospital where according to family Jada passed away, while her sister, Kymera, fought for her life but died there, as well.

According to officials, there are no initial signs of arson. They also noted that no smoke detectors were found in the home.

5-year-old Kymera was a cheerleader for the West Griffins Youth Football League. Her coach tells us she has been on the Pom Pom squad since April.

Her coach also said that her sister and mother worked in the concession stand.

The girls' aunt described them as best friends.

"Most lovable kids you could ever meet. To know them was to love them. They did for each other, they comfort each other. I don't care if one of them fell and cried. You couldn't ever break that bond," said Takeshia Turner.

Akron Public Schools Superintendent David James, released the following statement after the girls' deaths:

“This is the third time in 10 months we have lost children in house fires in our community. Nine children have perished. This has led us to begin discussing working on a better way to help children protect themselves outside of school hours. Clearly, more must be done.”

Counselors and psychologists will be available at Schumacher and Buchtel community learning centers on Monday to help friends and staff members cope with the loss.

A GoFundMe campaign has raised thousands of dollars for the girls' funeral costs and housing for the family.