Several Browns players made headlines prior to last Monday's preseason game when they decided to kneel and pray in protest during the playing of the national anthem.

The display has provoked strong reactions on both sides, and now the fiancée of a murdered Akron police officer is making her thoughts known.

Tiffany Miller was engaged to me married to Justin Winebrenner when he was shot and killed in November of 2014 while off duty. The two had purchased season tickets to FirstEnergy Stadium before his death, and Miller says she has continued to do so "to be there on Sundays knowing he's watching with me."

However, in a Facebook post published this week, Miller expressed her disgust with the team's national anthem protest, and vowed not to buy tickets again if the players continue to kneel.

"To the players & fans who don't agree with standing for our country and anthem, I am creating this to show you just who you are offending," she wrote. "Had I not already purchased our seats for this season I wouldn't have & if this behavior continues and is allowed I will not next year."

Miller added she had emailed the post to members of the Browns organization. The team had previously sent Winebrenner's family a customized jersey, which was displayed at the officer's funeral.

In 2015, a jury convicted Kenan Ivery of killing Officer Winebrenner. Ivery was later sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.