AKRON, Ohio -- Things are taking a wild twist at the Akron Zoo.

“2017 will be a bizarre year at the Akron Zoo,” officials teased of their upcoming addition.

On June 3, a swath of unique species with “uniquely different or have odd adaptations” will be showcased in the zoo’s new Curious Creatures exhibit.

What’s in store? Guests will come face to face with naked mole rats, which have no fur and live underground.

Other critters on display will include leaf-cutter ants, red-eyed tree frogs, walking batfish, flashlight fish and more.

Carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap and bladderwort will also be displayed in Curious Creatures.

This exhibit will take up the space previously held by Journey to the Reef, which closed in November last year.

Some animals featured in Journey to the Reef, however, will become part of the Curious Creatures exhibit -- including the octopus.