ExecuFlight, Inc. issued a statement Thursday claiming NTSB's report of the Akron plane crash that killed nine is incorrect.

Earlier this week, NTSB said the flight's crew, company and FAA investigators disregarded safety rules before the November 2015 crash.

NTSB claims the plane was too heavy when it took off from Dayton. It also says the pilots reported an inaccurate weight for the passengers and failed to use required checklists prior to landing. They also allegedly used the wrong landing approach.

NTSB had also reported one of the pilots had been fired by a previous employer. ExecuFlight says that NTSB claim is incorrect, and that the pilot voluntarily withdrew from his previous employer's training program.

ExecuFlight also claims it conducted thorough background checks and investigations on both pilots prior to hiring them. Both pilots successfully completed training, ExecuFlight says.

A former ExecuFlight employee had also claimed the captain did not feel safe with his co-pilot, and that the company rigged its records after the accident to show planes were fixed when they were not.