Today marks the beginning a week-long volunteering project for more than 1,000 Goodyear employees.

This is the first time the tire company is rolling out The Week of Volunteering project from June 1-7, aimed at completing more than 60 projects in the community. Goodyear associates will be helping to refurbish a camp for kids, stock community foodbanks, and install smoke alarms throughout the area.

About 150 employees spent Thursday volunteering at Camp Y-Noah where they helped to clean up and fix areas of the camp that needed some care before the summer begins.

"Our team comes in and for one day, they set the camp up," said Alison White, Goodyear’s director of community engagement."

Volunteers fixed potholes on access roads, built stairs, trimmed trees, worked to build a floating dock on the lake and replaced carpeting.

The maintenance team at the camp is mighty, but tiny, according to Carl Wargo, associate executive director at Camp Y-Noah. He said the help offered by Goodyear goes a long way.

“What Goodyear does in three days, is more than we accomplish in three years,” said Wargo.

There are more than 1,000 employees taking part in the program, which includes more than 60 projects in the community and extends to Goodyear employees in China and Brazil.