A local high school is proving that a small bathroom makeover can potentially make a big impact on a young woman's life.

Along the bathroom stalls inside the girls restrooms at Green High School, words of encouragement from powerful historical figures and messages of women empowerment.

“Some of the images that are out there for our girls are not the most positive images,” said

Cindy Brown, GHS principal. “So we wanted to make sure that they know that they have the support here at the high school.”

Brown said school staff and parents volunteered to decorate the bathrooms on Sunday night to surprise students as they start the new school year this week. The idea was found in an article showcasing an out-of-state high school doing a similar project.

“I think the messages remind them to be themselves,” said Brown.

Each restroom has its own theme. A restroom new the high school’s main office focused on a 30-day self-care challenge, another was aimed at sharing quotes from influential women in history and a third restroom was inspired by the school’s ROX (Ruling Our Experiences) program, developed at Ohio State University to empower girls in middle and high schools.

A group of young ladies were among the first students on Monday morning to take a look inside the newly decorated restrooms.

“It’s just nice to know that people want us to care about ourselves,” said Carly Amenson, senior class president.

Brown said there has been discussion about creating something in the boys restrooms, but for now, she hopes the messages offer a positive message for everyone.