AKRON -- A Barberton man will be sentenced after he bit an Akron police officer's thumb on New Year's Eve.

Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh says a jury found 36-year-old Brett Phelps guilty of assault of a police officer and domestic violence.

Police say they were responding on New Year's Eve to a call that a woman was trying to flag down cars at the intersection of S.R. 59 and N. Howard Street.

When they arrived, Phelps was there with his father and girlfriend.

Phelps' father and girlfriend told officers that they were driving down the road when Phelps drunkenly started to get angry and punch his father.

As officers tried to put Phelps into a police cruiser, he bet one of the officers on the thumb.

Phelps' sentencing is scheduled for June 10th.