The man accused of scrapping metal from the scene of a deadly house fire has returned the metal to the Akron home.

WKYC staff caught the man on camera Monday evening as he was taking scrap metal from the Fultz Street home where seven people died in a fire earlier that morning.

The man was seen rummaging through items on the home's front porch and property before he put some pieces in his van and drove off.

WKYC reached out to Akron Police to inquire about the legality of the man's actions. While we were waiting on a response, we managed to find the scrapper himself.

He told WKYC's Andrew Horansky he didn't know what had happened at the house earlier that day.

"All I saw was money laying there, basically," the man named John admitted, noting he didn't learn of the deaths that occurred inside the home until five minutes after he drove off.

He took an air conditioner and two pieces of metal that were part of the front door frame.

On Tuesday afternoon, John accompanied WKYC's crew back to the home to return the pieces of metal.

"I'm so sorry," he said after he returned the metal to the property. "I didn't know happened. But I shouldn't have took something off someone else's property without talking to them."

Five children and two adults were killed during the fire early Monday. Officials are still investigating the fire's cause, but a fire department source has told WKYC that hot charcoal left over from a barbecue may have been to blame.

Investigators also haven't ruled out arson.

Watch the video of the man returning the metal with our Andrew Horansky below: