AKRON -- Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh announced today that her office filed its response this morning to the Supreme Court of Ohio's temporary stay in the case against Doug Prade.

"According to the Ninth District Court of Appeals, which overturned Judge Judy Hunter's ruling exonerating Doug Prade, Prade is a convicted murderer," said Prosecutor Walsh. "As such, he should be returned to prison to finish serving the remainder of his life sentence."

In part, the 8-page response reads:

Appellant's request that a stay from this court encompass "if necessary, his new trial," Amended Motion, 3, is overbroad and completely unwarranted. The only judgment before this court is the decision in C.A. 26775, not an entry in a separate appellate case number.

This court should not grant a stay. Appellant has every motive to flee, knowing that he faces re-incarceration for aggravated murder because of the court of appeals decision. His crime was brutal as Margo Prade was shot six times and bitten on her arm besides. Prade, 2014-®hio-zo36, ¶rll. His Y-STR test results are meaningless. Id. ¶113-120. The State presented overwhelming evidence of his guilt at trial. Id. ^121-129.

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"Following the appellate court's opinion released March 19, Doug Prade remains convicted of aggravated murder in the death of Dr. Margo Prade. Prade filed a notice of appeal with the Supreme Court of Ohio. The Supreme Court has not stated whether it will hear Prade's appeal of that opinion."