The heroin epidemic has reared its ugly head in what may be the most heinous statistic yet.

Another 1-year-old has apparently overdosed on an opioid in Akron.

According to police, it's the second time a 1-year-old has overdosed in the past week.

One of them is at Akron children's hospital.

The other never made it out.

Dead before his second birthday.

Tuesday it was the unthinkable, again.

This time, on Raymond St. in Akron.

Innocence was lost in a mom's discovery,

"She noticed her 1-year-old dizzy staggering around the yard falling and then she realized he was in and out of consciousness," says Akron PD Lt. Rick Edwards.

"Mom rushes him to the hospital where they give him Narcan and basically revived him. This year we have our 4 th, already, we'll call them toddlers, a 2-year-old, A 6-year-old, a 1-year-old last week and now another. So, TWO 1 year-olds in a week who overdosed from an opiate. It's come to that!" says Edwards.

"My heart hurts for those children because they don't have a say in this," says Tara Mosley Samples.

She's an Akron Councilwoman proving no family is guaranteed immunity from the grip of heroin addiction.

She isn't afraid to tell the story of her 23-year-old son, Brian.

"My son struggled with addiction for years until he hit rock bottom. We've probably been to a dozen of his friends funerals in the last 2 years. This is real," says Mosley Samples.

Now it's a 1-year-old's funeral in the works,another 1-year- old in the hospital.

Wherever the kids got the deadly drug from, Edwards warns, "It can just be the residue these kids are overdosing on", says Edwards.

"Now our kids are paying the price for this epidemic. For this disease that has taken over our community," says Mosley Samples.

The Summit County Medical Examiner has not yet confirmed the exact cause of death for the first toddler.

The second toddler has been revived here at Akron Children's Hospital.

The latest and arguably the most disturbing statistics in this out of control epidemic.