AKRON, Ohio -- “Sorry for crying on the radio this morning.”

Keith Kennedy of 98.1 WKDD posted that message on Facebook early Wednesday.

It comes just one day after a post in which he shared a brief, emotional story about the final moments with his family dog.

“Spent the afternoon feeding this guy cheeseburgers, then we said goodbye. We’ll miss you Sammy. Best dog ever.”

The message ended with a broken heart emoji.

Kennedy has since been shown an immense outpouring of support.

Here's a sample of some of the messages he's received:

- Erin Elizabeth: "Just crying on the way in to work this morning listening to 98.1 WKDD. I'm sorry for your loss, Keith!"

- Sheri Spicer Brown: “I’m so very sorry. It’s so difficult losing a pet.”

- Jeffrey Rovinsky: “Hardest day ever…I know the feeling man. Hang in there!”

- Sheri Vegas: “I’m sorry for your loss. Our fur babies are family. It’s not easy.”

- Jerry Cook: “So sorry. I cooked my Jake a steak and fed it to him before he left. Sobbing and telling him what a wonderful boy he was. Thinking of you and yours.”

- Sam Kulesza: “I hate that pain! I just hate it. So sorry you have to feel it!”

- Leslia Wagner: “I’m so sorry Keith. I know this was very hard for you.”