The Ashtabula County APL is at a standstill because of an outbreak of feline ringworm.

The highly contagious fungus can also affect dogs, and even people. So for now, the shelter will stop adopting cats out and can't accept any new cats.

Animals at the shelter are being checked for ringworm. APL Director Tammy Dondorfer says the plan is to clean and disinfect the shelter and treat any affected animals. She says this requires a massive cleanup that could take up to six weeks.

The Ashtabula APL is looking for either volunteers or donations of cleaning supplies to help deal with the outbreak.

Call the APL at 440-224-1222. You can also visit their website for more information.

WATCH: WKYC Photojournalist Carl Bachtel visited the Ashtabula APL and had more details about the outbreak of feline ringworm on Facebook Live: