A sergeant with the Ashtabula County Sheriff's Department has been indicted on multiple charges stemming from an alleged assault on September 11.

Sergeant James A. Truckey has been charged with felonious assault, tempering with records, assault and dereliction of duty.

Police body cam video shows Truckey punching Edward Dirrgil while he was on the ground.

Dirrigl says he and a friend were headed home on an ATV when a Jefferson police officer got behind them. Once the sheriff's department joined, the ATV stopped. The driver, Eric Platt, started running, while Dirrigl surrendered. That's when Truckey hit Dirrigl.

Dirrigal says he suffered brain trauma, and cuts to his eye and face.

Truckey is facing assault charges and is on Administrative leave. The sheriff's department isn't talking until the investigation is over.

Dirrigl's attorney says all the charges against his client were dropped. Platt was indicted on felonious assault, failure to comply and resisting arrest. He allegedly attempted to cause physical harm to Truckey with the ATV during the chase.