Many families make it a tradition to choose a live Christmas tree. Years of planning, love and care goes into that tree on a farm before you take it home.

The Greig’s know every inch of their 300-acre farm in Ashtabula County. Jeff and Doug’s father started the part-time business in 1954. It’s been a family affair for more than six decades.

“It’s a lot of fun at Christmas time. Seeing people that we see every year. We have some customers who’ve been with us for 40 years,” said Jeff.

Jeff, Doug, and their three other siblings as well as kids, nieces and nephews, tend to the farm year-round. They plant in the spring, trim over the summers, and harvest just before Thanksgiving.

It takes seven or eight years for the trees to reach 7-feet-tall. With 15,000 to raise from saplings, this family knows how to treat a tree.

Here’s what you can do to make yours last:

If you get your tree home, but you’re not ready to put it up, leave it outside on the ground in a shady spot. It’s okay if it rains or snows.

Before you put it in the stand - take a fresh cut on the trunk.

“We tell people they have about an hour to get it into water. If you wait more than that then the bottom starts to seal over a little bit and the tree won’t take water,” said Jeff.

Give it plenty of water, especially right when you bring it home. Some trees can drink a gallon of water a day. Over time, it might need less water.

Set your home’s temperature as cool as possible to keep the tree from drying out.

Place your tree away from a heat source.

The Greig’s will begin selling their trees on Friday, November 25. You can choose yours at 35900 Eddy Road in Willoughby Hills. For more information you can contact the family at or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.