Thinking about grabbing a glass of wine after work?

Well how about this good news, this year's grape harvest could be the best the Grand River Valley has ever seen.

George and Priscilla Skleres enjoy the finished product.

“Three times a week,” said George. “No not that often but,” said Priscilla.

But let's take you down the street to where it all began.

“We have had very good weather and lots of sunny days,” said Debonnet Vineyard Manager Gene Sigel. “And the result has been really ripe red grapes this year."

Sigel says these red grapes contain a lot of sugar this year.

“Wonderful chemistry that includes tannins and mouth feel because the grapes have ripened so well and deep ruby colors,” said Sigel.

There are 25 different varieties of grapes in the Grand River Valley.

In the Riesling, you will taste peach and honey but because of this year's crop those flavors will be more intense.

The Cabernet Franc which was almost wiped out entirely by the Polar Vortex three years ago returns now with bold tannins and color.

And who knew that they made vodka too?

“I get people asking all the time,” said Sigel. “Isn't vodka supposed to come from potatoes? Vodka can come from any source of sugar, corn, wheat, rye or grapes."

Have you tried their vodka here?

“No we have not,” said Priscilla.

Are you opposed to that?

“No no not at all,” said Priscilla.

Until next time...