A boring day for an 18-year-old lifeguard turned chaotic in a matter of minutes when a family of four was swept off their feet due to the strong Lake Erie current.

Cerria Horton tells us she didn’t know if they were strong swimmers but when they asked for help she knew she had to do something.

The mom of the three boys tried to jump into save her boys but the waves became stronger and stronger.

Horton says she had the mom climb up on the rock wall while she held the boy with her rescue hand up against her chest.

One boy was saved by being lodged in the rocks. While the second boy ( her oldest son) was clinging for life to a rock as the waves kept pulling him and smashing him back.

"They were just getting hit but I didn’t want someone else to drown," says Horton.

Throughout the incident, Horton was still battling the waves holding onto the third boy. While the mom had the kids around her run and grab the other lifeguard which eventually pulled the third child out.

"The waves are a lot of fun but they are still dangerous and you might not notice it but just these waves can pull you into the break walls before you even know it."

Cerria says she’s no hero she’s just glad everyone made it out safe.