We introduced you to him exactly a month ago to the day.

Sweetest baby, Mason Tapia, a 2-year-old with an incurable brain tumor that meant he most likely wouldn't see 3.

His mother, Nicole Buskirk, explained last month that doctors basically said “we're done.”

"There's nothing left we can do. It’s devastating. The worst thing I've ever heard in my life," said Buskirk In September.

That was, until Thursday, the day Mason's mom knew was coming.

The day this tiny fighter didn't have to fight anymore.

A fighter with a massive social media following now flooding Mason's family with condolences.

It was Team Mason, thousands strong across the country and across the world, who reached out to us.

Blowing up my inbox.

Asking for us to See The Possible and help get the family to Disney World.

It took one call to A Special Wish Cleveland and they made it happen.

“Life is too short. You Need to act. We need to act for our neighbors. These children are our neighbors. These families are our neighbors and we need to step up and grant the wish," said A Special Wish co-founder, Jason Beudert in September.

ASW Cleveland rushed the trip because the day after our story, doctors said the cancer continued to spread.

For the homecoming, Team Mason lined Mason's Geneva street for a surprise and to smooch on the little boy whose life was on the line as he returned from the trip of a lifetime.

Mason’s mom said then, “Say this is it. And this IS the end of the road, then I always have the memories."

A month later, October 20, was the end.

Nicole Buskirk posts her gut wrenching reality on her Facebook page, "I don't even know what to do with myself".

A sea of good people continue to rise up in the face of unthinkable grief, as Team Mason itself, mourns the passing of Mason Tapia.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to assist Mason's family with funeral expenses.

You can find out more about Team Mason by checking out their Facebook page.