It’s down to the final days.

“This is my third rally and I’ve learned that you have to come out early to get a good spot,” said Kelsi Borgen.

A good spot at the Spire Institute in Geneva to see Donald Trump before the November election.

“Because he’s going to make America great again,” said 8-year-old Aubrey.

But with that slogan comes talk of a revolution if he doesn’t win. Supporters don’t necessarily believe in it – but that doesn’t mean they won’t be upset.

“I would be disappointed,” said Camden McGee. “Obviously I love this country so I wouldn’t do anything.“

“If Hillary gets in, her gun control laws are not liked at all. I could see how that would cause a problem, but I don’t think it would get too crazy unless she implements them.”

And the last minute push is bringing the lights and sirens – literally. Mike Wall brought his truck to the rally with the words “Stop Corruption Now” below a row of flashing lights.

“I’m here to support him with this truck, It’s Hillary Lie Law,” said Wall. “Hillary Lie Law is no government agency is allowed to investigate corruption within the government. It must be done by an outside firm.”

He’s invested time and energy into the truck to get the message out and stand behind Trump – so how would he feel if Trump is unsuccessful?

“Well, we’ll just have to accept it won’t we?”