As Presidential debate number two approaches, Ohio is is still up for grabs. Clinton leads in one poll, Trump in an earlier one.

This past week saw a Hillary Clinton visit even though Ohio no longer seems to be a must-win state for her. She picked up LeBron James' endorsement.

And Rudy Giuliani came to Cleveland to tout Trump and slam Clinton.

Is Ohio no longer in Clinton's top tier of states? Was her visit here too late or just in time?

What will happen in Sunday night's debate?

The Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Union and it's outspoken President Steve Loomis triggered a firestorm of protest in the African-American community by endorsing Donald Trump.

Loomis claimed he was "baffled by the blowback."

Did the endorsement damage efforts to improve police relations with the community? Will it help Trump or Clinton the most?

Ohio lawmakers will soon decide whether to unfreeze, refreeze or partially thaw Ohio's alternative energy requirement for utilities.

The plan was frozen a couple years ago. Lawmakers are expected to decide what to do in the lame duck session after the election.

There's a tug-of war between utilities and green energy groups over what should be done.

Some critics think Ohio has had a "closed-for-business" sign out for firms that make solar panels or wind turbine parts and say the state has lost jobs and industry as a result.

Governor John Kasich promises to veto an attempt to refreeze or dramatically reduce Ohio's requirements.

What is likely to happen? What is at stake?

WKYC Political Correspondent Tom Beres, Politics Writer Henry Gomez and Columnist Mark Naymik discuss these issues on this edition of Between the Lines.