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Final revised plans for Republican National Convention protests are in place. Police will be able to wear body cams with their protective gear. And the city has quintupled its insurance coverage for the convention.

What are the biggest security concerns in the wake these developments?

Convention planners are $6.5 million short of their pledged goal for the RNC. They've been stuck at that number for some time.

Where will the extra money come from?

Is a big "We did it!" celebration in the works?

Sherwin Williams is keeping the LeBron banner through the RNC and beyond. Why was that the best decision not to replace it?

Donald Trump's campaign in Ohio finally has a first-rate campaign manager. Can he catch up to Hillary Clinton's Buckeye State head start?

Jimmy Dimora is hoping to catch a break after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of another public official who faced similar corruption charges. What are his chances?

WKYC's Tom Beres discusses these topics on the latest edition of Between the Lines with columnist Mark Naymik and Politics Writer Henry Gomez.